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Blue Zinc’s rehabilitation-specific solutions offer a secure and efficient way to manage referrals and provide a fully digital patient experience. These solutions can be used individually or combined to create the ultimate platform. The integrated product suite addresses the needs of all stakeholders involved in the referral process.

  • Name: Blue Zinc
  • Domain: Healthcare
  • Access Channels: Web Portals
  • Clients: TM3, Case flow, Vita Health Group, CBTC, Connect
  • Users: Patients, Businesses, Practitioners, Admin
  • Project Duration: 8 March 2021 – ongoing Services for TM3, Case flow, Vita
  • Health Group CBTC: Diary, Contacts, Finances, Reports, Workflows, Network Management, Clinical, Settings etc.
  • Services for Connect: Book Appointment, Explore Classes, Packages, Diary, Account etc.

Taking a step-by-step approach to addressing issues Problems to be resolved

QA Case Study
  • To test current products and identify deficiencies and bugs
  • Suggest solutions to identified product problems
  • Investigate product quality in order to make improvements
  • Create and maintain Test-Cases for overall Test Suite
  • Perform Regression testing on tickets for current sprint
  • Automation Testing for each test-Case under particular test-suite
  • Implementing test automation framework creating reusable libraries
  • De-bugged the code and resolves issues according to failures
  • Regression automation testing for one complete module
  • Execute Test-Cases Manually to uncover all possible defects
  • Ensure consistent project execution
  • Identify quality assurance process bottleneck
  • Suggest actions for improvement
  • Present test result, test reports and metrics

Our specific action strategy

  • To reuse test cases of one platform (TM3) for another platform (Caseflow) having same functionalities
  • To verify quality of test cases to ensure smooth execution of test automation for each reused test case
  • To reuse test cases in Finances, Settings and Contacts related features
  • To modify reused test cases as per current functionality of Caseflow
  • To create new test cases for Caseflow specific features
  • To test the module manually to not miss any issue.
  • To conduct a regression test of tickets for current sprint
  • To setup the test cases in such a way that we wouldn’t have to maintain two different frameworks.
  • BaseUrl setup needed to be created for Caseflow environment in codcept.conf.js .
  • A Configuration was also needed to run TM3 and Caseflow.
  • Screenshot Integration to Integrate the testomat with codeceptjs framework for screenshot.

Accomplishing the intended results

  • Reused TM3 test cases for caseflow and prepared positive & negative test cases for all features of assigned modules.
  • Performed test cases execution, ad-hoc testing, functional testing, regression testing, sanity testing and bug fixes review.
  • Conducted a manual test after each automation script run to uncover defects.
  • Raised many blocker issues for workflow feature to improve the quality of appointments feature.
    Used a priority matrix for each assigned task to decide which task to pick up first.

Our Approach

Optimized code by reducing execution time by 10 hours using synchronization waits in test scripts and creating a folder structure for frameworks. Replaced Map function with a Data table, configured variables in the environment file for screenshot integration and used Testomat Report to fix test not match errors. For configuration, we created a flag for running TM3 and caseflow in gitlabci.yaml and managed requirements changes. With dedication and effective time management, we delivered error-free launches of new features within the timeline. We completed all assigned tasks and conducted knowledge transfer to our internal QA team to ensure a smooth journey for our client’s success.

What we achieved


Test cases reused and updated as per current functionality


Test cases authored by KiwiQA team


Test Cases Automated by KiwiQA team


Existing ‘CR changes’ (Major and Minor) addressed by KiwiQA team


Defects raised


Defects converted to enhancement or improvement

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