Say no to testing roadblocks: K-LOK

Ensure your software is ready for all. It’s the last step that verifies if the released localized product meets the end user requirements and functions as intended.

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Delivering consistent user experience, no matter where you are

Depending on the geography, culture, and local perceptions, a word has a different understanding and perception and probably paints another picture for the users. Thus, multi-geography, multi-cultural software should take care of the culture and perceptions of the intended audiences. It is essential for software to be validated for local usage based on culture, perception, and statutory regulations and requirements.

Therefore, software needs to undergo, along with functional testing, a variety of universal tests like Localization (L10N), Internationalization (L18N), and Globalization (G10N) testing. This is done through the K-LOK framework.

Interested in knowing the K-LOK testing approach?

We create the test scenarios and cases depending on L18N, L10N, and G10N and match the servers with the local information before execution. The approach ensures there is no deviation in the obtained outcome.

Plan & strategy formation

Plan & strategy formation

We identify the requirements and strategize for L18N and L10N.

Test case design

Test case design

Test scenarios, test cases, and data design are taken care of.

Test environment setup

Test environment setup

Servers are matched with local information, which could be single or more.



We execute the L18N, L10N, and G10N test cases.

Defect, reports, and analysis

Defect, reports, and analysis

The last step is to prioritize the defects, get the reports and start with the analysis.

Look closely, there’s more to K-LOK

Adding to localization, internationalization, and globalization testing, the K-LOK framework’s service umbrella also covers culture-based test coverage. The framework not only enhances user experience but also cuts costs and facilitates continuous value creation.

KiwiQA’s K-LOK aids in designing:

  • Key test cases
  • Culture based test coverage
  • Focused approach
  • Planned L10N, I18N, G10N

Value creation through K-LOK

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)
  • Continuous value creation with optimum tests
  • Due Diligence based
  • ROI reflecting in reduced post production defects with superior user experience

Our clientele is the testimony of our precision

Take a glance at some of the organizations whom we have helped with successful product launches through our QA services and eliminating issues in coding.

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Muthoot Finance Limited
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DurianPay PTE Ltd
North Western University
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