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Gripping reasons for implementing K-RASINS

K-RASINS is a test management framework that fulfills the functional requirement through a set of workflows, helping the doer achieve a specific goal. The workflows have data attributes and paths. The characteristics bifurcate into multiple directions depending on the attribute’s value, or the combination of the features can be defined as a node. These nodes play a significant role in deciding on test scenarios for the application coverage.

  • Have we covered everything?
  • Is the Testing Good Enough?
  • Are the Test Cases Good Enough?
  • Do the Test Cases Cover everything?

A comprehensive look at the K-RASINS approach

With our rich experience in the QA and test management services framework, we recommend a test design methodology that defines a simple step-by-step process to meet functional requirements. Let's have a closer look –


Requirements enumeration


Attribute enumeration


Scenario enumeration


Integration point enumeration


Node test cases enumeration

Changes brought by K-RASINS implementation

From designing the proper tests to mini regressions, we adopt an approach that ensures end-to-end test coverage. It fosters a stable and reliable platform that leads to highly productive software testing.


Accurate test cases

Get real test cases specific to the requirements and deliver actual results close to the anticipated results.


Adequate test coverage

K-RASINS enables you to extend your test coverage to complete the maximum tests successfully.


Focused approach

Devise the right test strategy and implement it with K-RASINS for a focused approach to achieve the intended test results.


Planned mini regressions

You can ascertain that the software goes well with the existing codes or feature changes with scheduled periodic mini regressions.

Delivering remarkable changes, one outcome at a time

In the projects where K-RASINS has been implemented, it has provided noteworthy outcomes and left a positive impact across verticals.

K-RASINS - Enhanced Test Coverage
Enhanced Test Coverage

Enhanced Test Coverage

K-RASINS is best suited for enhancing test coverage through reviewed test scenarios and cases.

K-RASINS - Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)
Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)

Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)

K-RASINS provides practical measures to identify and deploy the right and relevant tests to eliminate unnecessary delays incurring more costs.

K-RASINS - Continuous value creation
Continuous value creation

Continuous value creation

The impact of K-RASINS implementation doesn't stop with executing the tests; it creates value continuously through optimum test cases and repeatedly formalizes the correct behavior.

K-RASINS - Due Diligence based Solutioning
Due Diligence and Solutioning 

Due Diligence based Solutioning

K-RASINS helps you assess the code base and software engineering in terms of quality, sustainability, and lack of scalability and provides the solution to address them based on the findings.

K-RASINS - Reduction in Cost of Quality (CoQ)
Reduced post-production defects

Reduced post-production defects

One of the most significant ways K-RASINS provides a return on your investment is through the reduction in post-production defects.

Our clientele is the testimony of our precision

Take a glance at some of the organizations whom we have helped with successful product launches through our QA services and eliminating issues in coding.

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mango apps
JAX Quickfit Franchising Systems Pty Ltd
Match Book Services
Muthoot Finance Limited
Wilson Park
Navidium DMCC
Till Payments Solutions Pty Ltd
Boombet Pty Ltd
Macpac Ltd
Appzen Inc
BenchOn Pty Ltd
DurianPay PTE Ltd
North Western University
Xylem Water Solutions Private Limited
Cactus Communications Private Limited
Cnergyis Infotech India Pvt. Ltd
Code Clouds
Credible LLC
GOC - Oben EV
Innodel Technologies Private Limited
Wholesale Helper
Abacus Solutions Pty Ltd
Falkonry Inc
Genix Ventures Pty Ltd

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