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BoomBet is one of Australia’s oldest online bookmakers that has both Web and Mobile based responsible Betting Application enabling end-users to participate and place bet on various Races, Sports and Other Games. Below are the Challenges, Solutions and Outcomes shortly referred as CSO.

  • Name: BoomBet
  • Domain: Online Sports Platform

Taking a step-by-step approach to addressing issues Problem brief to be resolved

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is a busy time for BoomBet, with a large number of users and bets.

QA Case Study
  • To test the performance and robustness of their betting application and its associated modules during this peak period.
  • To ensure high availability and reliability of their APIs and web-based application modules

Accomplishing the intended results

  • The performance testing exercise was conducted in two rounds.
  • The first round involved testing the application on the existing environment, while the second round tested the application after fixing identified issues and implementing other changes
  • The tests were conducted on a production replica environment using the K-SPARC performance testing framework.
  • Performance test assets were created using JMeter for both the API (13 APIs) and the web-based (9 scenarios) components of BoomBet.
  • Baseline tests were conducted for both the API and web modules at different load levels using Redline13, with infrastructure monitoring using Azure Application Insights.
  • The test results were analysed for performance issues and benchmarked.

What we achieved

We were able to deliver below features to client without any miss and within given time:

  • The APIs being tested were able to handle up to 3000 virtual users (vUsers) without issue, but started experiencing timeouts at 5000 vUsers.
  • The web module was not able to scale to 1500 vUsers due to timeouts caused by the third-party GenerationWeb (GW).
  • The response time of the APIs increased when the GW started timing out.
  • The app and database servers were not under significant stress and had capacity to handle more load.
  • The business calls and queries did not show significant degradation.
  • The next round of testing will take place after the timeout issues and architectural changes have been addressed

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