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Education phenomena at its best

NWU provides online education facilities. Chicago City of Learning is part of a national effort working toward making sure all young people, from all neighborhoods, have access to experiences that help prepare them for their future.

  • Project Name: NWU (North Western University)
  • Project Domain: Education
  • Access Channels: Windows, Mac , Android and iOS web sites
  • Users: Admin, Learner, and Parent
  • Tool: Asana and Testlodge
  • Services: Functional, Regression & Automation.

Taking a step-by-step approach to addressing issues Problem brief to be resolved

As the project deals with online education, both the main portals Admin and Learner are interconnected through the information.

QA Case Study
  • Every time needs to check whether both the admin and learner sites are in working condition or not with their basic functionality.
  • We have three different user roles at the admin side.
  • Need to test everything in many OS and browser combinations as sites support many OS.

Accomplishing the intended results

  • On a daily basis need to take a keen eye on both the sites and their basic functionality.
  • Can test each role and responsibility as a different user using different logins.
  • Have to test each and every module and ticket in all the supported OS and browsers.

Our Approach

Hence, we were able to deliver below features to client without any miss and within given time:

What we achieved


Total Portals


Total Test Suites


Total Test Runs

3286 +

Test Cases



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