Fintech(ATN Wayya)

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Providing equal opportunities to access financial services

ATN Wayya is a Nigerian project, it provides an ‘Online billings and e-Money transfer’ service to different end-users and operational users from different internal bank accounts and wallets.

ATN Wayya
  • Project Domain: Fintech
  • Access Channels: Android and iOS Mobile Application and Web Portal for Admin Panel
  • Users: Super Agent and Sub Agent
  • Project Durations: 3 Months (Feb-Apr, 2022)
  • Application Services: Deposit (NIP Transfer), Withdraw (USSD and Card), Super agent and Sub Agent onboarding, Wallet Funding, NIN Retrieval, BVN Retrieval, TopUp, Transaction History, Forgot MPIN, Change MPIN etc.
  • Services offered by KiwiQA: Manual testing, Mobile Testing (Android & iOS), Regression Testing, Retesting, UAT.

Taking a step-by-step approach to addressing issues Problems to be resolved

The Client was looking for below skills from the Test-Partner to be allocated to their projects:

QA Case Study
  • Test current products and identify deficiencies and bugs.
  • Suggest solutions to identified product problems.
  • Investigate product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction.
  • Plan, create and manage the overall ‘Test Planning’ strategy.
  • Collaborate with the Product Development team to ensure consistent project execution.
  • Identify quality assurance process bottlenecks and suggest actions for improvement.
  • Present test results, test reports, and metrics to Senior Management.

Accomplishing the intended results

  • Reviewed FSD and wireframe documents for a thorough understanding of applications /websites being tested and used in Nigeria. Accordingly, created a “Test plan” and positive and negative “Test cases”.
  • Performed test case execution, ad-hoc testing, functional testing, regression testing, and sanity testing, and bug fix review. Used pcloudy tool to identify defects on different devices.
  • With a clear vision, identified and raised “blocker” and “high priority” issues, like app crashes and variations in surcharge and commission transactions. Also found blocker issues on the vendor side and resolved them.
  • Also resolved app crashes when a user selected different ID proofs from dropdown, already onboarded users able to onboard again, incorrect customer notifications in agent’s mobile app, new validation and error messages, and printout functionality not working properly.

Our Approach

As the outcome, The Developer resolved all blockers and high priority issues within a short time as it was affecting the product quality vastly. We have done efficient work to identify product problems as well as given suggestions for expected outcomes for better quality of product. We were able to submit test results, test reports and metrics to Senior Management after test execution.

What we achieved


Test Scenarios authored


Test Cases were authored


Defects raised


Defects converted to ‘Enhancement’ or ‘Improvement’

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