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Incorporating innovative fintech solutions

Panamax Inc., a subsidiary of Bankai Group and based in New York, specializes in creating financial technology and telecom technologies for clients such as mobile network operators and carriers. Since its founding in 2001, the company has gained a reputation for its effective solutions and services that can easily be integrated into clients’ existing systems.

  • Project Domain: Fintech
  • Access Channels: Android and iOS Mobile Application, Web Portal and Admin Panel
  • Users: Self user & Assist users (Branch, Agent & DST)
  • Project Durations: Ongoing (Completed 1.5 Months)
  • Services: Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Regression Testing, Retesting, Integration Testing, UI/UX Testing, System Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, API Testing, UAT Testing.

Taking a step-by-step approach to addressing issues Problem brief to be resolved

QA Case Study
  • To test current products and identify deficiencies and bugs.
  • To suggest solutions to identified product problems.
  • To investigate product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction.
  • To plan, create and manage the overall ‘Test Planning’ strategy.
  • To collaborate with the Product Development team to ensure consistent project execution.
  • To Identify quality assurance process bottlenecks and suggest actions for improvement.
  • To present test results, test reports, and metrics to Senior Management.
  • After applying the security fixes some of the functionalities were hampered.

Our specific action strategy

  • Regression testing and retesting of scenarios when requirements change before release
  • Verification of full signup flow based on transaction amount limit
  • Digital onboarding services based on real user National ID card and live user selfie
  • Coordination with client and large Panamax development team (Adapter Team, Android and iOS Mobile app Team, CMS Team, BFF Team)
  • Challenge of coordinating with client and large development team

Accomplishing the intended results

  • Creating a test plan and positive and negative test cases for each feature
  • Executing test cases and performing ad-hoc, functional, regression, and sanity testing
  • Using the pcloudy tool to verify defects on different devices
  • Reviewing bug fixes
  • The team identified and addressed issues including app crashes, resume feature issues, NID and selfie uploading issues, and document uploading issues (which were identified as high priority).
  • Users being able to onboard with the same NID and selfie on a similar product
  • Similar products being shown under the product list when a user is already opening an account with the same product
  • Onboarded user details not being reflected in the update profile form
  • Notifications not being displayed or displaying incorrect contents
  • User not being able to see the fill-up detail when resuming an application
  • OTP being displayed with a timer when a user proceeds further and goes back to the OTP page from the personal info page (session expire issue)
  • Adding new validation and error messages for different scenarios
  • The date and time not being updated under the resume application list when a user updates a partial fill-up application.

What we achieved

  • We effectively identified and addressed issues that impacted the quality of the product, including “blockers” and “high priority” issues. We also provided suggestions for expected outcomes to improve the product. After completing the testing process, we submitted test results, test reports, and metrics to Senior Management and managed requirements changes to stay on track for other tasks. We delivered error-free launches of new features to the client and conducted knowledge transfer processes to their internal QA team to ensure a smooth transition. Overall, our dedication and effective time management allowed us to successfully complete all assigned tasks and support the success of our client.
  • Hence, we were able to deliver below features to client without any miss and within given time:
  • Test cases authored by KiwiQA team: 215+
  • Defects raised: 470+
  • Defects converted to enhancement or improvement: 3+
  • Special milestones achieved: Project signoff activity completed for few features. Also, all Issue and task were managed using Zoho tool, provided demo to Panamax team members, Delivered new features.

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