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Accessible Healthcare for Everyone!

KiwiQA helps clients improve their healthcare systems by making them more accessible and reducing the risk of litigation.

Taking a step-by-step approach to addressing issues Problem to be resolved

A healthcare company faced a problem with high bounce rates and was at risk of legal issues due to their inaccessible healthcare services.

QA Case Study
  • The healthcare application included features that allowed users to search for healthcare practitioners and services based on location and area of expertise.
  • The company was experiencing high bounce rates, despite users spending a decent amount of time on the application.
  • The challenge was to understand and address the cause of the high bounce rates.

Accomplishing the intended results

  • Keeping a structured, concise, and interactive layout
  • Providing seamless navigation by using large buttons and headings as well as titles
  • Ensuring Screen Reader Compatibility by using alt text and link text
  • Using an accessible palette of colours
  • Using sans serif font and supporting font enlargement
    Easiness to call for assistance at any point on the app
  • Checking for availability of wheelchairs and an accessible room via app in case of an uncalled emergency
  • Accessibility-acquainted tech support at the disposal of a help button
  • Creation of a captcha alternative using voice recognition
  • PDF and form remediation by integrating accessibility
    Ensuring visual flow for keyboard navigation
  • Adding an SOS button visible on all screens throughout the app (not hover)
  • Using subtitles and captions for audio files
  • Alert users when they make errors while filling out a form or details
  • Quick and systematic access to user’s medical records
  • Minimize the use of jargon and hyperlink any unusual words to the glossary

What we achieved

We were able to deliver below features to client without

  • The company worked with a healthcare client to address current challenges and educate professionals about the importance of accessibility.
  • The company believes that accessibility is about more than just following a checklist, but rather requires a change in mindset.
  • The company provided top-quality services to create an inclusive digital platform for the client, which improved their website and app in compliance with WCAG standards.
  • The partnership has been mutually beneficial, leading to the client’s success and increased competitiveness in the market.

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