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Made Hospital Partners accessible!

KiwiQA assisted the client in meeting WCAG, ADA, and Section 508 compliance standards with accurate accessible testing.

Taking a step-by-step approach to addressing issues Problem to be resolved

QA Case Study
  • A disabled customers had difficulty making an online booking due to the website not being accessible.
  • The website was not designed to accommodate disabled users, leading to a negative experience for the customer.
  • As a result, the client was faced with a legal issue
  • The client’s goal was to prevent any future negative experiences for disabled customers.

Accomplishing the intended results

To improve accessibility for our client, we implemented the following changes:

  • Conducted an audit of the website’s user experience
  • Implemented an accessible colour palette for all informative pages
  • Adjusted the font size for all text elements
  • Added descriptive text and images for important call-to-action elements
  • Optimized the website to work with various accessibility tools such as screen readers and automated testing tools.

What we achieved

Our client, who understands the importance of accessibility in the market, took appropriate measures to ensure that their online products/services were accessible. As a business owner, it is their responsibility to make sure their online offerings are accessible to all users. We were able to deliver below features to client without any miss and within given time:

  • Successfully addressed current accessibility challenge on the website
  • Implemented upgrades to improve traffic flow and user-friendliness
  • Working with the company to redesign their app to accommodate users with disabilities
  • Will provide more specific information about the severity of disabilities to better serve customers.

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